The optimal integration of software products in business processes is critical to the usefulness and efficiency of the solution as well as for user acceptance. We develop our own software products and components - adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers.



The Email Archiver is a FileConverterPro Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016 plug-in that allows to convert directly from MS-Outlook single or multiple selected emails or entire email folders and subfolders with all their e-mail messages to PDF or PDF/A. www.emailarchiver-pdf.com

Document Solutions

The key to the solution lies in the targeted integration of documents, information, applications and processes.

PDF Tools

We offer smart, simple solutions for a paperless workflow, which brings the PDF (/A) format in swing.

Software Solutions

Where standard software has limitations and easily make mistakes, custom software provides quick action.


Through modular design using pre-built and existing components, we are able to implement projects quickly and inexpensively.


PDF is now a world wide standard for the exchange and archiving of electronic documents.


International standard document format for long-term archiving of electronic documents.


Conversion of different documents, such as scanned paper documents into editable and searchable data.

  • As a document management software vendor time has a special significance. Because our customers want to view and print archived documents and records reliable even after more than 10 years. Therefore we integrate software products of X KEY in our DMS solutions for legally compliant long-term archiving and output management. Reliable products from a competent partner. This is how successful business works!

    H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG
  • We use PDFmdx MetaData Extractor very successfully in our company. Especially our sales appreciates the uncomplicated information gain at the customer site. Our Offers / Confirmations will be extracted as a PDF from the ERP and synchronized with the cloud solution to the Tablet of the employeethe folder structure created by PDFmdx allows a very clear solution.

    J.C.Bawart & Söhne GmbH & Co KG


V 3.5.2
Windows 32/64bit


V 2.0.2
Windows 32/64bit


V 1.0.8
Windows 32/64bit


V 1.1.1
Windows 32/64bit


V 1.5.2
Windows 32/64bit


V 3.2.6
Windows 64bit


FREE V 1.03
MS Outlook PlugIn

Workstation or terminal server is defined via the license!
Will be installed as a workstation DEMO and can be tested for 30 days.
Requires Administratorrights for installation
Workstation versions are exclusively for individual workstations. For installation on a Windows server, a terminal server version is required!

More Products


FREE PDF Printer

This allows you to create PDF documents from any application on any workstation.

iPaper PDF

Digital stationery

iPaper has great features and helps to simplify your office work.


Intelligent PDF OCR Processing

OCR processor - creates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents


PDF(/A) Converter Service

Conversion to PDF, PDF/A incl. OCR via web service interface.

eDocPrintPro PlugIns

Modular Extensions

Multiple processing after the PDF creation - modular expansion through plug-ins

eDocPrintPro PDF/A

PDF/A Printer

Creates PDF / A-1b, 2b or -3b ISO compliant PDF documents through a printing process.

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