PDFSign is used to sign PDF documents with a X.509 certificate. In addition to the single signature, even larger amounts of documents can be signed in a stack to save time. Since signing also guarantees that a document has not been subsequently changed, signing must always be the last step in document creation.

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WebPage: www.SignPDF.de


PDFSign at a glance


PDFSign ensures that the PDF / A or ZUGFeRD conformity is maintained even when applying the (visible) signature.

PAdES Standard

PDFSign is compatible with PAdES Part 2 and PAdES-LTV (Long Term Validation) standard.


PDFSign also supports the SHA256 and SHA512 hash algorithms (known as SHA2) as well as RSA2048 and longer keys.

Long-term validation

With PDFSign, a document can be signed and timestamped for long-term validation. PDFSign supports advanced digital signatures that include embedded RFC 3161 compliant secure timestamps.

Signature representation configurable

PDFSign offers all possibilities to configure the visual representation of the visible applied signature. In addition to a variety of parameters, the position and the pages – First, Last, All – can be set.

Invoice signatures

The PDF / A and ZUGFeRD compatibility of the signatures generated by PDFSign enables both individual (interactive) and larger quantities (batch processing) to be digitally signed to invoices.


Tools for PDFSign

X.509 certificate generator:

Self-signed certificates, root or user certificates can be created and either stored in the Microsoft certificate store or created as a PFX file.

PDFSign Service

On the technically same basis as the FileConverterPro (FCpro), there is now also a Windows service to provide PDF or PDF / A documents via a SOAP or REST web service interface with a timestamp or with an electronic signature.


is a service that can be installed under MS Windows that has a REST / SOAP web service interface to check signed PDF documents and to read out their signature parameters.

PDFSign CL Client

is a free command-line application for transferring, signing and / or timestamping PDF or PDF / A documents via a REST web service interface to a PDFSign service and then transferring them back to the calling client.


Allows PDF, PDF / A or ZUGFeRD documents to be signed and / or timestamped. PDFSign CL is based on our PDFSign – .NET signature component and provides its functionality in the form of a command line application.

PDFSign Server

Is installed as a service on a MS Windows computer and can monitor one or more input folders via configured jobs. The incoming PDFs in the folder are recognized and processed either immediately or at a specific time and stored in the associated output folder.